Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Opening Reception of "detour"

©Chien-Chi Chang/Magnum Photos

Opening reception: 11 Oct 2008, 2pm, KayNgeeTanArchitectsGallery.

Autographed "Magnum Magnum" photography book will be in promotion price at the Opening Reception.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bibliography of Chang Chien-Chi

In his work, Chien-Chi Chang makes manifest the abstract concepts of alienation and connection. “The Chain,” a collection of portraits made in a mental asylum in Taiwan, caused a sensation when it was shown at La Biennale di Venezia (2001) and the Bienal de Sao Paolo (2002). The shocking, nearly life-sized photographs of pairs of patients literally chained together resonate with Chang’s jaundiced look at the less visible bonds of marriage. He has treated marital ties in two books—I do I do I do (2001), a collection of images depicting alienated grooms and brides in Taiwan, and in Double Happiness (2005), a brutal depiction of the business of selling brides in Vietnam. The ties of family and of culture are also the themes of an ambitious project begun in 1992. For 16 years, Chang has photographed the bifurcated lives of Chinese immigrants in New York’s Chinatown, along with those of their wives and families back home in Fujian. A work in progress, “China Town” was hung at the National Museum of Singapore in 2008 as part of a one-man show, “Doubleness.” Chang’s investigation of the ties that bind one person to another draws on his own deeply divided immigrant experience. Born in Taiwan in 1961, Chang studied at Soochow University (B.A. 1984) and at Indiana University (M.S. 1990). He joined the prestigious photo agency Magnum in 1995 and now lives with his wife in Taipei and in New York City.

The Map-Chien-Chi Chang-Columbus 06 June 2006

London 22 June 2006

Taipei 21 July 2006
©Chien-Chi Chang/Magnum Photos

by Chien-Chi Chang
Opening reception: 11 Oct 2008, 2pm


開幕 : 2008 年10月11日(星期六)下午2點

Detour by Chien-Chi Chang

by Chien-Chi Chang

Opening reception: 11 Oct 2008, 2pm
In conjunction with a major exhibition at the National Museum of Singapore, Chien-Chi Chang, a member of Magnum Photos, will present a selection of special work exclusively at Kay Ngee Tan Architects Gallery.

This body of work, handpicked by Chien-Chi himself, offers insight into his private world as an artist and a man, elucidating his approaches, views and philosophy of photography. This exhibit is, as announced by its title, a sort of detour. It is up to the viewer to trace the connections—both subtle and obvious—to his main path.


開幕 : 2008 年10月11日(星期六)下午2點
譽響國際長駐紐約的台灣籍攝影師張乾琦配合在新加坡博物館的展覽,也將於十月十日在陳家毅藝術空間開展另一系列的作品。 張乾琦為國際頂尖攝影組「馬克蘭」 (Magnum) 成員之一,「馬克蘭」攝影組織創辦至今剛好61年,會員挑選嚴峻,皆行中精英兼國際名師,尤以影像報導世界新聞環球動態而深入民心,張乾琦為其唯一華人成員。




10月11日(星期六)開展的下午2 – 4 點鍾,張乾琦特別為來賓簽書,幾樣書種也包括 Thames and Hudson 去年為60周年紀念精緻出版今年再版的「Magnum」攝影集,萬不可錯過。

Show period at KayNgeeTan Architects: 10 Oct 2008 – 21 Nov 2008

At the same time, Award winning magnum photographer, Chang Chien-Chi will showcase a series of his most extensive photography works in this exhibition entitled ‘Doubleness’ at National Museum of Singapore- exhibition gallery 1, 10 Oct 2008 – 4 Jan 2009. For more information, visit

Opening of "Torn Faces"

Monday, September 01, 2008

"Torn Faces" by Thomas Pfister

"Torn Faces" by Thomas Pfister

I got my first Yashica camera when I was 13 years old and started contributing to local newspaper in my hometown close to Hamburg. My uncle was the one who mentored me throughout the years. Over many years my photography skills developed and I found my passion. I still contribute to regional magazines and work from time to time for humanitarian organizations that appreciate my work, creativity and authorship.

TORN FACES is my first exhibition and hopefully not my last. Wherever I go, I see posters of artists promoting concerts, politicians running for elections or companies simply promoting their products. They appear for a week or so and disappear within minutes. What’s left are these torn faces - often without the original message but faces that sometimes still speak for themselves. What remains leave us with more questions than answer. I am often intrigued by the mixed messages and decided to make sense of these remnants, by making my own picture and stories. I invite you to do the same.
Thomas Pfister
Please join us for the opening reception at 7:00pm, Sept 10, 2008.
Exhibition period: Sept 10 – Oct 06, 2008

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Torn Faces

Our next exhibition is Torn Faces, a series of photographs by Thomas Pfister, a German photographer based in Jakarta. The show will be from Sept 10 - Oct 6, 2008.

Please join us for the opening reception at 7:00pm, Sept 10, 2008.

All exhibition prints will be made on the Epson Stylus Pro 3850. The Epson Ultra Fine Art papers are sponsored by Epson Singapore.

All drinks at the opening reception are sponsored by UTO Asia Pte Ltd.

Opening of Tian Tian Xiang Shang

Gallery owner Kay Ngee Tan introduces Danny Yung.

Everyone looks up.
Everyone looks up.
Danny speaks.
And signs his books.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Upcoming Exhibition: Tian Tian Xiang Shang Conceptual Comics By Danny Yung

Comic Arts Exhibition:
31st July – 29th August 2008

Opening Reception:
Thursday 31st July 2008, 7:30pm

Kay Ngee Tan Architects-
Gallery 16-17 Duxton Hill, Singapore 089600
Gallery Hours: Mon – Fri 11am-7pm

Kay Ngee Tan Architects Gallery is pleased to present 30th July- comic arts exhibition by artist, Danny Yung. They are other guest artists included Vivienne Tam, Tsui Hark, Alice Mak, Anothermountainman, Craig Au yeung, Choi Yan Chi, Kan Tai Keung, Douglas Young and Siuhak.

Danny Yung was born in Shanghai, China in 1943. At the age of five, he moved with his family to Hong Kong. After finishing secondary school, he went to the United States, attended the University of California at Berkeley and obtained a bachelor's degree in architecture. He went to graduate school at Columbia University afterwards, where he studied urban planning and earned a master's degree in urban design. Then he returned to Hong Kong in the late 1970's and began his life-long devotion in all aspects of the arts, including experimental films, cartoons, conceptual art, installation, video and performing arts. He founded the avant-garde arts collective Zuni Icosahedron in 1982 and became its artistic director since 1985.

Creative Productions

In the past 20 years, he has been involved in over 100 theatrical productions as director, scriptwriter, producer and stage designer. His "Journey to the East" series, "Two or Three Things" series, "Hundred Years of Solitude" series and "Deep Structure of Chinese Culture" series were staged in many countries, including Japan, Taiwan, Belgium, Germany, England and the United States. His recent "Four Grand Inventions" was staged in Hong Kong and Berlin in 2000. His experimental films and video works were also shown in the 1980's in Berlin, New York, London, Rotterdam, Tokyo and Hong Kong. His installation work was selected in 1999 for INSIDE/OUT: New Chinese Art by the Asia Society in New York to be exhibited in museums across the United States, together with works by 55 other Chinese artists. His latest solo exhibition "Tree‧Man" was held at the Hong Kong Cattle Depot Artist Village in November 2003. In 2007, “Tian Tian Xiang Shang – Danny Yung’s Conceptual Comic Exhibition” was held in 1933 Creative Space during the Shanghai International Creative Industry Weeks.

Cultural Exchange

Beginning in 1997, Yung has initiated several important cultural and arts networks. Among them are the Asia Arts Net and the Hong Kong-Taipei-Shenzhen-Shanghai City-to-City Cultural Exchange Conference. Yung was the ex-Chairperson of the International Network for Cultural Diversity (INCD), and hosted the Shanghai biennial international conference in 2005. Yung is also an Executive Committee Member and the Hong Kong regional chairperson of the Conference of Asian Foundations and Organizations, which promotes the third sector in 11 cities in Asia.

In 1997 Yung organized Munich–Hong Kong Joint Cultural Conference. In 2000, Yung organized the Festival of Vision — an 11-week program of cross-cultural festivals and conferences held in Berlin and Hong Kong. The festivals involved 1,000 artists and cultural practitioners from 35 cities in Asia and Europe. In 2001, with the support of Ford’s Foundation of New York, he directed the formation of a tri-yearly World Culture Forum Alliance, planning global cultural research programs.

Yung is currently the International Consultant of the UN Consultant System (UNCS) of the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO, the Roaster Chairperson of the World Cultural Forum, the Asia Pacific Alliance Chairperson of the Hong Kong–Taipei–Shenzhen–Shanghai City-to-City Cultural Exchange Conference and the Vice President of the Asia Pacific Performing Arts Network.

Policy, Research, Planning and Education Yung is always giving a close watch on the arts and cultural development in Hong Kong as well as in the Asia Pacific regions. Beginning from 1987, Yung has set up a ‘Hong Kong Cultural Policy Study Group’ at Zuni Icosahedron, organizing a series of art and culture policy discussions. It generated an independent research and an in depth reviews depending on the concerns from the cultural groups according to the cultural policy of the Hong Kong government. In addition, Yung has delivered a set of significant reports in relation to ‘In Search of Culture Policy’.

In 1995, under Yung’s proposal, Hong Kong Arts and Development Council (ADC) established, Yung became a founding member responsible for the establishment of art policies in Hong Kong and chaired the Arts Education team. Yung was reappointed as the member of ADC in 2000. Yung was also a former part-time member of the Central Policy Unit (CPU) — a Hong Kong Government think tank — closely in relation to the creative education, creative economy, creative city and creative interaction of the fundamental development and policy research. He is now a policy consultant to various governmental cultural and creative industry entities included the member of the Consultative Committee on the Core Arts and Cultural Facilities of the West Kowloon Cultural District, the Hong Kong Copyright Tribunal and one of the board of directors of the Hong Kong Design Centre, which holds the annual Business of Design Week.

Yung is also paying close attention to the local education development, he is currently the Chief Executive of the HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity, the member of the Advisory Board of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, School of Design, the member of the Advisory Board of the Hong Kong Lingnan University, Department of Cultural Studies and the member of the Advisory Board of the University of Hong Kong, Centre for Civil Society and Governance.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Upcoming Exhibition: Simple by Paul Kohl, Opening reception: 9th May 2008

Photographic Exhibition:

09 May – 31 May 2008

Opening Reception:

Friday 09 May 2008, 7:30pm

Kay Ngee Tan Architects- Gallery

16-17 Duxton Hill, Singapore 089600

Gallery Hours: Tues – Fri 11am-7pm, Saturday 11-6pm, by appointment.

Kay Ngee Tan Architects Gallery is pleased to present Simple/Simplicity - a twin solo-exhibition of Colour/Black&White photographic works by Paul Kohl.

Simple showcases a series of color photographic prints made from 1983 to 1986 by Paul Kohl during his stay in the Baltimore and Indiana before the work upon his Black and White series began.

Paul Kohl’s color works reflect his attempts to translate his fascination and emotions with the environment. He engages himself to objects and spaces, committing solely to the solipsistic process of relating himself to his surroundings through the camera.

Paul draws influences from jazz music like that of John Coltraine, Miles Davis, Charles Mingus and others in the American Pantheon into his works. His first encounter with the work of the photographer Harry Callahan at the Hallmark Gallery in New York City inspired his decision to convey himself through images- of his perceptions towards the time and space that held his existence.

In his images, we see a plant spray painted blue, oppressed by its man-made environment, a tennis court held by primary colors of red, blue and green, pushing an image of a famous final scene of tennis court on Antonioni’s film “Blowup” into our minds. In the film the photographer watches a mimed tennis match, he enters the mimes' own version of reality by picking up the invisible ball and throwing it back to the two players- an illusion reciprocating the artificiality of these landscapes by Paul.

Through his lens, Paul seeks the chance to celebrate the transitory beauty of the real and to participate in the ecstatic potential of the simple.

Paul Kohl graduated from The San Francisco Institute in Photography with a Bachelor’s Degree in 1973. He further pursued his Master Degree in Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana in 1985. He has held numerous solo and group exhibitions both in Japan and the States from 1974 - 2009, with Simple/Simplicity being his first solo-exhibition in Singapore.

Paul works were collected internationally by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Fogg Museum, at Harvard University and the Awagami Paper Museum among others. No stranger to grants and awards, he received the National Endowment for the Arts Artist’s Photography Fellowship in 1976 and became the only writer in English awarded with the Takeshi Kaikoi Award 1997. He is currently a guest lecturer in NTU.

For further information, please contact Ee Peng at or (65)64230198.