Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Forum #5: Happily Ever After

Our next Forum on Photography will be held on Monday, Feb 12, from 7pm. This is a rare departure from our regular Saturday slot as many wedding photographers work on Saturday. The discussion will be led by Kuang, a respected leader in the industry, and the topic will be organized loosely around Wedding Photography.

Apart from the usual questions of how does one get started or the price one should charge, we hope to talk about the other issues that concern the photographers. In particular, we would like to discuss issues like how photographers can stay motivated and fresh despite having to shoot a wedding (and sometime more) per week. We are also interested to see how the most important day can be approached differently.

Here are the speakers we have lined up so far:

Eadwine Lay /

Eadwine Lay, a full time wedding photographers defines his style as editorial wedidng photography, which is essentially wedding photography posed to look like it had come out of a magazine. He will be speaking about his style, called editorial wedding photography and how it deviates form the current trend of photojournalism and why he belives it is the future of wedding photography.

Ron Lee /

A graphic designer by training, Ron Lee, a full time wedding photographer, translates visual forms into his own style of journalism photography.

Wan Sheng /

Wan Sheng's work is defined as wedding photojournalism with a romantic twist. He will be speaking about his own style of documentary wedding photography and how he softens his images with romance counter to the normally realistic and hard portrayal of life through traditional forms of documentary photography

Kuang /

Kuang's work is a mixture of traditional documentary photography with a move towards abstraction. He will be speaking about how my work has shifted from pure documentary towards abstract, as well as the business of it.

Stay tuned for more details. For the time being, you may want to get in touch with Kuang at or Kay Chin at

The talk is free. Registration is NOT required but as seats are limited, do come early. (We can take 30-40 people comfortably. Some people will end sitting on the floor but so far, there has not been any complaint)

The Gallery is located at 16-17 Duxton Hill. Closest MRT stations are Chinatown, Tanjong Pagar and Outram.

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